Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure

I am somewhat unsure as to whether I blogger about this curious piece of the internet ruining people's lives in the past, but I am quietly confident that any previous mentions were made in passing and were, infact, absolute and utter tripe. But nevermind that now, on to the business at hand.

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure is one of the most engrossing stand up performances I have ever seen. Yes, that link will take you to a place where you can buy the book of his terrible funny and refreshingly passionate adventures in the wide world of the web, but the stage show is all I have honestly read. However, at £6.39 I'm tempted to delve into the literary equivalent, despite the fact that the video is a whole 42 pence cheaper.

"Dave Gorman: this way up"

It would do well here, I suppose, to maybe enlighten you to what a Googlewhack is. Well, in effect, a googlewhack is any combination of two real (and verifiable words that, using no punctuation in any way, produce only 1 result when searched for utilising the Google search engine. This is not as easy as it looks. For example, you would imagine that a phrase such as carburetor mollycoddling would be one of the most unlikely combination of words to appear anywhere, spoken, written, least of all on the web; however, Google returns 101 hits for the blasted thing! A traditional googlewhack these days is endlessly thwarted by a plethora of wordlists out there on ye olde interents (serious business), so good luck to finding one. Do be good and e-mail the site proprieter if their site contains one.

However, I suppose this post is actually more about how wonderfully human Dave Gorman is as a person. This, I can imagine you thinking to yourself right now, is painfully obvious, what with him quite naturally being of the race homo sapien and all, but what I mean is that there is something unerringly beautiful about the way that he lives his life and the fact that he may be dubbed as one of those "touchable celebrities". Despite being an utterly brilliant man, undeniably so one may even say, he is still quite human and someone who you can easily get in touch with and may even reply to an e-mail of yours, should he feel like it. Dave Gorman does not only have a website, but also a flickr account, a flickr account that he no doubt payed for like any normal person with a credit card would. He also takes staggering (and occassionally bizarre) shots of things balanced on top of eachother. I'm sure there's something beautiful about that kind of thing too, but that's surely for another time. I suggest you take a look at what he does and be impressed at the fact that celebrities can often be real people too.


In other news, Escape Pod's Steve Eley directed me (impersonally, of course) to Destructomundo, a fun little podcast that postulates on armageddon hypothesese. This week was "Technopause", the idea that everything electronic would just stop working. Apparently we'd have to resort to using steam powered dildoes and goats for pleasure, just like in the old days, and many people would make a living buy creating armoured dog-pulled transportation carriages. It's crazy stuff and I think it's definitely worth having a look into, if you're very bored, or even just passably bored, or even not bored at all.


And Emily: I won't talk to you about boobs, it's not right. At all. Sorry dear.

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