Wednesday, September 13, 2006

iPod Games

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So, apple have finally released their new iPods. We've all been waiting a long time (in the tech world) for this and, personally, I'm a little disappointed. It's nice that they've dropped the price (for the 30 gig model atleast) to under £200, but for all I know that might have happened a short while ago. However, with this model update (which includes a better battery life as well as a brighter screen) comes the version 1.2 firmware update which allows any fifth generation iPods to play games, downloadable through the new and improved iTunes store (which looks rather sexy jumping out of the new iTunes 7 release). This, in my eyes, is something truly incredible. Ok, maybe "incredible" is being a little overzealous, but the idea of walking down the street being able to play Tetris on your iPod is something that titilates if nothing more.

As well as this apple have released a new iPod Nano coloured range (just like the dearly departed iPod mini) and the new iPod shuffle looks like something I wouldn't actually mind owning.

There still appears to be no easy, first party method of removing your music from your iPod and slapping it on some other form of digital media, something I would like to have seen a long time ago, but apple have their reasons for this (curse you RIAA) and I can deal with just having to back up absolutely everything the old fashioned way.


Is 2 pm too early to start drinking?

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