Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ode to a Schelebrity

Prompted by one of the most moving things I have ever seen eschewed from the fingertips of a friend I am compelled to write some kind of rebuke, or rebuttle.

Spenny, like the Rogue she has whole-heartedly adopted the mantle of, is passionate, thoughtful, provocative, intellectually adept and flirtatious, as well as quite the cutie.
As she writes, "I think I first properly met Joe in year 10" and there's little more I can really add to that. Sat at the back of maths, adamently trying to work for an early GCSE, failing with an incredible fervour due to the fact that we are all incessant chatterboxes, there is little else I can remember about that year. This could either be due to the fact that I have some fictitious Altzeimers for the young or the fact that most of the rest of those years was taken up with little more than contemplating Hannah Brown's busoms, but either way Maths was one of the few things worth remembering. Good old Mr. Dowson, the gangly youth, how I do miss him. Year 11 was a little different, spent mainly in the company of the Dinner Group and actually trying to work over Anthony Giles and "Tiddle" screaming half-swears back and forth accross the classroom, in a bid to be clever.



And so on.

I rediscovered the joys of Spenny (and oh what joys they are! ... that sounds too smutty for it's own good. I'll take it out in post') in year 12, sharing no classes but atleast a few minutes every day, I feel she almost became a surrogate cuddle-bag, as it were. That sounds terrible. Bah. But what I mean is that quite often Spence would instantly brighten my day. We want gamble, frolic and titter for merry hours at a time and I think memories of you smooshing my eyes into my face while cooing "wheeeeeeeeres Joey? Where is heeeeeee?" will never be far from the forefront of my recollection. Yes, it'll be a combination of that and general giggles, the award winning smile and the nice ass, in all likelihood. Hey, I'm a guy! It's not like they'll be the only memories I have of her, just the primary ones.

I'm gonna miss her a lot. Over the past few months when we haven't seen so much as a scrap of eachother, bar textually via IM programs, she's still been ready to entertain and just blather around with all over the internet.

I feel bad that I don't know her as well as I ought to, but hey, if it were meant to have been that way then that's the way it would have already happened, and if that's not how it was meant then I have the whole of my life to rectify it. That's a long time, but saying that there's doubtless quite a lot to learn.

Thanks for the two years of sunshine sweetie. As you go to bigger, bolder (better?) places I'll be sad to see you go, but hey, clouds don't last forever!


Rogue said...

You're too lovely to me, Joe.
Bah, with more tears! Damn j00 and your blog! ^_^
Take it out in post, Jon! No doubt!
Lov eet! *smooshyhuggle*

Anonymous said...

everyone's going to miss Spenny! and Joe! and Bentos! and all the others of your year who are leaving! all the cool people are going away :( i dont know what i will do without you...probably sit alone in a corner and glare at the year 12s...but i wish you well anyways, and hope you return at some point to see me and the other people you're leaving behind :) xxxxxxxxx