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This Providence

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It's been a long time since I've done a proper, in depth music blog and so, after the couple (quartet) of apple vodka martinis I have consumed this evening, I feel pretentious enough to write like I have opinions that people take to heart.

This providence is a four piece indie set from Seattle, Washington.

the world's greatest seattle one piece indie set

They are currently on tour with notorious girly fronted rockers Paramore, unoriginal (but irrefutably catch) Cute Is What We Aim For (give curse of curves a listen, that's one helluva badboy) and Hit the Lights (as yet unheard of by me, but naturally it'll happen in due course).Ok, time for a new paragraph. I'm typing this in the html editing tab and that just looks like far too much text to be healthy.

I recently acquired their album "Our Worlds Divorce" (don't grumble about it, I don't care) and was very pleasantly surprised at their refreshing awesomeness. Aha, I tell a lie! I was expecting something beautiful and they delivered, goddamnit.

The first track from this little stunner, "Well Versed in the Ways of the World", is an eclectic correlation of absolutely staggering coolness. Initially it makes me think of the The Early November, or that is to say, the lead singer sounds unneringly similar but appears to have nothing to do with TEN. I don't know why I bother to explain these irksomely subtle nuances, all of my music sounds exactly the same, note for note, word for word. Humbug.

Anyway, the track quickly develops into a pseudo-standard indie rhythm guitar style only to drop it, providing a poppy, husky, gravelling noise filter (like listening to a low quality .mp3 file) as Dan Young's vocals soar, peaking at sugary-sweet points throughout the track which, if I were of a slightly less lucid persuasion (stop snickering...) would probably cause me to melt or go weak at the knees.

As well as this, This Providence appear somewhat more lyrically sound than most of their forebearers. "In a world that lacks commitment you very quickly learn to justify your actions," appears to me to be a wonderful summary of the way things are today. Not necessarily all about the necessity for self justification, but it hints at the "sue 'em, sue 'em for every penny that they've got!" attitude of modern society.

The album quickly moves to something a little more standard (although nonetheless well executed) in "Truth and Reconcilliation", and it's nice to see that even rockstars can be fans of the same things as we lowly insects. We also discover here a hint of TBS vocal overlays.

The rest of the album continues in much the same vein, which is by no means a bad thing, oh lord no!

There new album, "This Providence" looks set to be cracking. The released track, "A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing" is jaw droppingly good. I can't seem to stop listening to it. This tells me good things for the rest of the album. Very good.


In other news, I just found out about the Brand New demos that are floating around the internet(right click, save as, that whole deal). I used ĀµTorrent, but the effect is the same. As far as I'm concerned, these demos are awesome. The sound is more indie-pop than the hallowed "I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't" affairs of Deja Entendu or the bouncy emo effects of Your Favourite Weapon, with the initial sounds being similar to REM with good old Brand New lyrical flicks. The second track (if I've got this right) is my favourite of the lot thus far, reminding me a lot of Razorlight at their rockingoutiest.

I'm also informed that Brand New have an album scheduled for release sometime this year. It's been four years, goddamnit, and this album has been finished since mid-July! What's the hold up? It as yet does not have a name, but their new website appears to suggest that it might be called "Fight Off Your Demons".

Hand me a cross and some holy water, I've waited a long time for this!

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