Friday, September 08, 2006

" tiny little gnomes with not very tiny mallets and an incredibly large penchant for evil."

Listening to: hellogoodbye - shimmy shimmy quarter turn
Watching: King of Queens
Blogging from: the living room

Have you ever woken up one morning to a hangover that you didn't drink to earn? Kind of like those times where you've been out drinking the night before and simply refused to get a hangover the next day? Well, that hangover you should be having has got to go somewhere. It can't just disappear into the ether, that wouldn't be coherent alongside the laws of phyiscs, making something of nothing and nothing out of something. Well, like the Bilious, God of Hangovers of Discworld fame, it appears, for today atleast, that I appear to have received somebody else's night out without the fun memories, the possibility of a beautiful girl in your bed (who was too drunk to realise you closely resembled Sin, in an aesthetic sense) and that somewhat comforting feeling of having a badger that tastes of cheese nesting on your tongue. Just the hangover. The fact that it seems I haven't spent any money to get there is some kind of reparation towards making things right, but, by God, I feel awful!

It doesn't help that I seem to have woken up in the middle of a construction site. Turns out that I forgot that today was the day the carpet fitters were coming in. All that I've heard fr the past hour or so is banging and sawing and loud, surprised talking. All I have to provide any solace for this awful, awful situation is that I've got a nice hot mug of coffee, which is getting colder faster than I'd like it, and King of Queens. I'm not really sure why, but Doug reminds me of Jon, producer of the year.

Jesus CH-RIST, there's some vicious banging going on. I'm no longer sure if the carpet fitters are fitting carpets, taking down one of our walls or falling through the floor.


On a side note, I'm sorry to admit that I've got myself a MySpazz account, so, if you really want to add me as a friend if you've really got to.


On a second side note, I was recently sent to Pandora Internet Radio, which is truly excellent if you're looking for some new music to entertain yourself with. It takes what music you already like (an artist or a specific song) and then finds other songs that match its musical qualities in the hope that you like what it picks out. I think the idea is awesome and, in the short time I've been using it, I've already managed to pick out roughly 3 bands which I adore to bits. That's spiffy that is. Real spiffy.

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