Friday, September 01, 2006

Lord of the Net

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I am lord of all I survery. This specifically being the internet and my laptop. They shall all bow before me or have their soldered circuits buckle under the might of my mighty, mighty might.

You think I say this without reason? Have at, you cur! Why would one such as I claim these things simply for the sake of narcissism, merely to elevate my already inflated ego? I tell you now, egoes are like balloons that dive and swoop through the variously pressured skies of the world. A balloon, with simple air in it of an equal pressure to the room around it will be flat and, unless something is done about it, will remain flat forever. A balloon with a higher pressure of air in it than the air outside of it will yes, be bigger, but be doomed to fall. A balloon with helium will doubtlessly float but only up to a point, that point being when the pressure inside of it is the same as that outside of it. We are all as these balloons, some filled with air, some with helium and some, like me, with hydrogen. What I'm trying to say as that everyone's ego can be likened to the air and balloon. We all have a certain amount of air and pomp in us and it varies from person to person. The size of our egoistic balloon is governed by not just this, but the pressure (or lack thereof) exerted upon us by the people around us. I say there are those with egoes of helium and hydgrogen, as these peoples egoes will soar regardless and probably grow as they do it. I say I have a hydrogenic ego not because this will fly the fastest, but because it will undoubtedly fall short of the lofty heights of the helium ego and also for the fact that hydrogen is quite explosive, and very dangerous stuff.

But there was no need for that! Why is my ego so pumped, today of all days? Why now am I a god among electronic insects?

Coz I set up a wireless network, bitchez.

Yea, ok, it's not the hardest thing in the world to do, but it's not the easiest either. Ok, so it is pretty easy as far as the plethora of hardware based escapades go, but I was rather stumped for a very long time. When setting up the router and wireless base thing I was prompted to try and find and input a fair few numbers. VCI, MTU (MUT?), things like that. I then found out it would have done it automatically if I'd asked it to. So i did that, wanting it to get everything first hand, rather than rehashed through me. I was then prompted to input a username and password. I was a little worried at this point, seeing as through BT you issue yourself a username but never use a password. I eventually got 'round this and things seemed set up correctly, so I tried to access the internet. I couldn't! What could it be?

I set the damned thing up another 5 or so times, trying varying combinations of stuff, doing the best that I could with my limited knowledge, and all of it to no avail. In the end I gave up and went to sleep.

I awoke today to try and do the same thing, with similar results. I tried using the supplied microfilter this morning too, rather than knicking one of the BT ones, and that didn't work either.

I tried ringing Linksys' support line too, and while I was doing it my laptop loaded a web page infront of my very eyes! I was so overjoyed I nearly leapt up and hugged my dad, who was standing right next to me at the time. I was so happy in fact that I let him go around and tell people that "it started working as soon as he turned the grey box up on it's side!" Bless 'im.

And that's it really! We have a wireless broadband network now, so we'll be prey to all those handy dandy little wardrivers and I am starting to get a little worried about security. I'm gonna try and set up some MAC secure stuff soon, but if someone could help me out with a little something else then I certainly wouldn't mind the support.

Blogging, without wires! What a blast! I'm gonna have to add a "where I am:" thing to the top of my blogs now.

Finally, my quest for blogging in every room of the house can be realised!

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brad77 said...

Thanks for the trackback!

Nice work. Linksys wireless stuff can go from idiot-proof to absolute hell when it smells fear. You've got to show it who's boss by hard resetting it once in a while. Never let it see you sweat.

Definitely set up a MAC address list, and definitely set up WPA if you can as the instructions on how to crack WEP in minutes have been out for a while. Granted, it takes some prediliction for hackery, but it's there.

The barfight video was taken down from Google, so I replaced it with a longer, more thorough one. Check back again for more Bas Rutten glory.

Again, congratulations on entering the wonderful world of wireless networking.