Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Saturday Night Edition

Ok, not pleased. I had just written a wonderful piece full or witty raport, as is habitudal of these rants of mine, only to have it deleted by Microsoft Word 2007. Don't get me wrong, I love that program. It's sleek, it's sexy, it has integrated maths equation building tools now, but do not trust it with your blogs. It doesn't have any integration for the new blogger beta, as of yet atleast, and will only be able to publish to the old non-beta blogger. And even then, it won't publish them. You can download it here either for free or for the paltry cost of £1.20. That's for the full 7 programs "Professional" edition. Be warned, they only accept Visa or Mastercard (and some lesser credit cards) as payment methods. Also be warned there is no HTML support for blogs. You can hyperlink and italicise all you want, but that's about it.

In other news I am the last of my male friends who still lives here at home. James is leaving tomorrow (and thus is still technically here, but realistically inaccessible), Ben left last week for Sheffield and so do did Gareth, although Gareth actually went for a year's worth of work placement in the land of the mighty sheep, provider of pot noodles, Wales.

"What? A racist advertising campaign against the Welsh? Muppets."

So, invariably, I am left with my girly friends, Emily and Heather, as well as Lis, other Emily and other Emily. Not that I mind this of course, I will be just left incapable of talking about breasts in quite the same way and any sexist comments will no longer be met with giggles but with sound thrashings; girly thrashing, without doubt, but sound ones nonetheless.

I'm taking solace in photography for now, in an attempt to expunge some of the unpleasantness, pictures such as these, for example:

Jim and Sheepy by ~gebimble on deviantART

Emily by ~gebimble on deviantART

benjaimeuna by ~gebimble on deviantART


flight261 by ~gebimble on deviantART

... I think I'm going to cry.

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Eevee said...

Those are fantastic photos young Joseph - you talented boy! Doesn't Emily look gorgeous? And doesn't it just make you *sick*?! (is fiercely jealous) When do I get my picture taken in a stylish black and white way, hmm?

I'm getting worried about my lack of male friends. Can I come to York with you? Please?