Sunday, July 02, 2006

I hope you all enjoyed the reprieve

"As the name implies, this is a place of tranquility and respite

- Welcome to The Roost

Oh lord, I have feel in love with Animal Crossing T_T

For those of you who do not know, Animal Crossing is a game with no goals whatsoever and just focusses on you wandering around, making friends, buying furniture for your house, and turning you town into a leafy Eden, of sorts.

"But," I hear you cry, "this is a rubbish introduction, get on with it!"

And being the conscientious fellow that I am, I will heed your call and respond duly!

The reason I've been away so long? Well, exams, naturally, but I have returned to this hallowed place once more, after your respite, to sanctify it with the words of the lord of this land (well.. the intarweb equivalent of land), Sir Joseph of Beaver, champion jouster and winner of the "sexiest man this side of David Tennant" award (a belated thank you to they who decided to bestow this on me. You know who you are!).

But what, on my return, do I have to say? Well *moves to sip from his iced water*- HOLYCRATHAT'SASTICKYCOASTER!!

Ahem, excuse me, but as I write this, the BBC Weather Centre informs me that I'm sheltering from blistering 29 degree Celsius heat, and, in a bid to retain sanity and not be reduced to a concentrated pulp, like soup left to simmer for too long, my dad brought my an undeniably beautiful sight to behold, a panacea that cures all wounds on days such as today: a pint of iced water. Water. Ice. Wait, water is ice... Erm... Water with lumps of much colder water in it. Yes.

What was I talking about? Oh lord, who knows.

So, exams. What do I have to say about them? Well, physics appeared satisfyingly difficult; that is to say, "challenging but enjoyably so"; maths was brain blisteringly painful and RS was a waffle-a-thon. To elaborate I'll give you an example. For the three RS exams I took this examination period, I wrote 42 pages. That's A4 size. Well, ok, not "pages", but 42 "sides", so 21 pages. That's the size of a small book! Or a large pamphlet. I feel that, in writing this very specific number of pages, I am on to a winning strategy. In writing 42 pages worth of tat, I have been given a sign, a sign of good things. For those of you who aren't in the know and cannot be bothered to click on my links, 42 is, famously, the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, as perported by the universes second greatest computer, Deep Thought. Many felt this, however, was not acceptable, so a second computer, designed by Deep Thought, was constructed in order to give us the original question posed by Life, the Universe and Everything. Plot spoilers ensue, but ne'ermind! The question was never actually given, but it is believed that, having the protagonist of the story, Arthur Dent, pull scrabble tiles from a scrabble bag in a random order to produce the sentence "what do you get if you pultiply six by nine", relinquishes to us the answer.

This speaks of a variety of things (as six multiplied by nine is actually fifty four), such as the inherently confusing and flawed nature of the universe, or that the original computer was a flawed machine. However, it also may point to the idea that the universe works in base 13, rather than base 10, and that we've misunderstood it all along! For, working in base 13, 6 by 9 is 42.

In rebuttle, Douglas Adams, writer of the series, is quoted as saying,

"nobody writes jokes in base 13 [...] I may be a pretty sad person, but I don't make jokes in base 13."

It is further claimed, by a character called "Prak" from an offshoot of the series, that the question and answer cannot be known in the same universe, otherwise bad things will happen. But we needn't worry about the bad things, because it is actually impossible to know both in the same universe. Apparently, this seems to work nicely with Pauli's Exclusion Principle and Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. These state, in order, that two identical fermions cannot exist in the same quantum state simultaneously, and that you cannot know how fast a particle is moving and where it is at the same time, just one or the other.

That was a detour and a half wasn't it!

Erm... so... I think, in saying that, I was just intending to say that I kicked ass in the RS exam.

I am very tired in learning all these intriguing things and reporting them back to you. So, I would like to end this by thanking the kind people at Wikipedia and then telling you that i'll be back soon.

Oh, and by the way Miss Eevee, Fiona Tennant, as far as I know, is in no way related to Davo. Sorry. Oh, and congratulations on getting this far down the page.


Eevee said...

Wooo! I read the page! I therefore kick ass. Huzzah. Yay.

Put your pipe...and smoke it.

Douglas Adams was indeed a wonderful man. He wrote Shada! *grins and strokes picture of Paul McGann*

Now, remind me Mr Beaver, was it me and Danni who christened you 'the sexiest man this side of David Tennant', or did someone else get there first?

For none shall beat Tennant. Oh no. But this side of him, you are indeed a sexy beast. Tis sad that Miss Fiona has no relation to him. Otherwise I would stalk her until his address and/or email was handed over to me.

I had a dream about David Tennant. But it also included my rather large musak teacher, which made the dream disturbing and most strange. Mr M ruins everything.

Victoria. said...

I read everything. I kick some serious arse too!

Ehem, you're amazing, I lurrrrrve Animal Crossing!!!

I want a pocket size version of you.