Friday, July 21, 2006


Yes, that's right folks: BBQ.

I went to one last night, and a wonderfully raucous time was had by all and sundry! I nearly went and got in the neighbour's pond thinking it was a hot tub.

I also drank far too much. I mean WAY too much. It could have been something like 7 bottles of Stella Artois and some various other stuff. Oh goodness, I am certainly regretting that now!

Just consider for a moment that Stella tastes like vomit while you're drinking it. Consider it making a reappearance. All the wonderful vomituous flavours squared. That's disgusting to the power 2!

I'm gonna go lie down T_T


Eevee said...

Oh Joe. Oh Joe. You silly, silly boy.

I wouldn't be surprised if your kidneys jumped ship in disgust.

On the other hand, I'm quite proud of being the only one who didn't drink at that bbq. Ignore the fact that I'm not old enough. What matters is that Becky *thought* I was old enough for just long enough to offer me WKD. Hell YEAH. (Can I get a hell yeah?)

What's this about a hot tub? I evidently left too early...

Gebimble said...


The hot tub thing? Well, next door had that kind of shed-like things? I thought it was a hot tub because it was big and circular and covered over by this big wooden thing. Turns out it was actually just a pond. A pond that no one wanted to get wet or to have a kite fall into.