Monday, July 24, 2006

A reprisal.

Alright V. I listened to Dusk and Summer again.

You were right, I was wrong.

I, if I'm honest, have no idea why I didn't like it on first listening, but I'm glad that, by force of your comment, I went and listened again. I was going to give the CD away! Oh the injustice, oh the depravity!

Thank you V.

Thank you.


I have nothing else to type. Nothing. Nothing. Nothingnothing. Nothingnothingnothing.

Well, nothing but "nothing".

... I am so sorry. That joke was so bad I almost had a fatal haemorrhage. If it had been any worse than this post would never be published. I'm hanging on in there for your guys, not that you'll enjoy this in the least.



1 comment:

Victoria. said...

Oh dear God, I'm finally back from my vacation.

Damnit, I missed your blogs so much!

And you chahged your mind about Dusk & Summer? Yay, go me! Heh ^_^ Twas nothing ;D

I'll come back to read the rest of our oh-so-wonderful blogs!