Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For the students out there...

I know exams are just about over, but if you have any more, then pay heed to what I am to tell you. If you are not taking exams now, but will be this time next year, or at around Christmas, you may also do well to pay attention.

This piece of information is critical in coming to a succint answer to any questions, solving an equation or, realisticaly solving any problem.

It was "created" by a stupendous fellow by the name of Richard Feynman a phenominal mathematician and world renouned physicist.

His problem solving algorithm goes a little like this:

The "Feynman Problem Solving Algorithm"
  1. write down the problem;
  2. think very hard;
  3. write down the answer.

I hope this has helped.


Lauren said...

Not at all Joseph! Not at all

Eevee said...

Yeah...that solves all my problems!