Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The propensities of summer

I have this feeling I would very much like to go and throw cold water all over scantily clad women.


Ok, so that was the link with the title sorted and explained after a fashion, on to the meat of the matter!

Over the previous few weeks I have blogged little, despite having so much free time. Perhaps it is because of this that I am blogging so little. Nothing really happens in Borrowash; it's just a dingy little town covered in hard baked and thoroughly dead grass with skies devoid of cloud and horizons plentiful in their distribution of heat.

Recently I did buy a new camera though. Recently Emily went to Ecuador, as did Heather. Gareth has gone to Wales. Sophie is too busy to come and mess around. Alex has invited us to his house for a barbeque. There's another barbeque for the former 6th form students at college. There's a college party on friday. It's all a bit much.

I am very sad that Emily and Sheepy (Heather) have gone half way across the world. Not so much the distance, more the fact is that they'll be gone for about a month. Ok, 3 weeks now, but it's still a very long time, even if it grows shorter by the day. I just miss them a lot, they are good friends afterall, and it feels as though we never do anything without them here.

Gareth, being in Wales, means we have no other real catalyst for going out and doing anything, although I think he might be back today, so that's not everso bad.

Sophie will be here sometime, I'm just worried because she keeps putting it off.

Alex's barbeque; now this, I am quite dubious of. I'm not sure what he's planning, whether he's being genuinely friendly and amiable (and this is quite odd, as he managed to ostracize himself from our clique, as it were, and i'm not sure whether he's regretting it and wants to come back, is just being a nice guy or is going to invite us along, let us meet all his cool new friends and then rub it in our faces). I think I'll still be going, but I think the result of that is that i'm not gonna bother with the alumni barbeque.

The college party I am not too sure about either. Grace has asked me to come just to keep her sane and also in the event that Brett, a hulking neolithic brute of a man, comes along and decides to make a nuissance of himself then I ought to be around for physical protection. Ok, so she didn't broach it to me quite like that, but i think that is the jist.

I really oughtn't say that life is boring, it's just, maybe, a little too much for me to handle.

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Eevee said...

I've also been invited along to Alex's barbeque and I'm a little worried too. What time are we supposed to turn up? Also, what is his number?

Also, where the hell does he live??

I think I'm supposed to give him saxaphone lessons too. Gracious me. I can't give lessons!! Damn and blast it all.

It is far too hot, and my mind is far too sleepy.

There are 13 TARDISes in my room...