Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean *SPOILERS*

So, I've finally gone to see POTC 2: Dead Man's Chest, and not without my fair share of apprehension. After seeing the POTC dedicated Ask A Ninja episode, learning all about how everyone gets their own plotline, how everyone is a girl apart from Keira Nightly and various other pleasant defects. I realise now I should never, ever watch Ask A Ninja and take anything it says seriously (although I agree with the whole Keira Nightly thing, despite the whole seduction [good gravy, that was hot]).

The film as a whole was pretty good. The only bad part about it was (I think) the bit where Will was running up the beach, or where Jack was trying to sneakily snatch the key from Norrington during the sword fight. The running from Will was just so poncy it hurt and the key snatching was equally as wussy (the silhouette shot was especially crap). Otherwise, very nice.

One last gripe though: can pirates be emo? You all know who i'm talking about. Yea, that's right: Davey Jones.

He cuts his heart out, over a girl no less, locks it in a chest and then puts that in another chest and fills the remaing space with love letters, flowers and other rediculously romantic stuff. If that doesn't scream "emo!" like a pair of skinny jeans, a floppy, swooshing fringe, a lazy eye and a row of self abusive train-tracks then I do not know what does.

Fuckin' pirate emo fags.


Disclaimer: I love emoes really! Infact, I am one a bit! Old school, I might add.

Baggy trousers and tight shirts all the way.

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Eevee said...

I never got round to reviewing this movie on my own blog did I? I for one COMPLETELY agreed with the Ninja, with lots and lots of the Drama training mixed in (I reckon that a year of GCSE Drama classes count as training in this day and age). Hadn't spotted the emo thing though (mainly because I was squeeing in delight over Bill Nighy. I know, odd choice for a fan girl, especially when there's Johnny Depp, but I can't help it). Kudos to you, you old schooler.

Huzzah for being back in the merry shire of Derby! Devon: where two teenagers getting lots of hits on YouTube is HOT NEWS.