Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Big 60!

Woohoo! My 60th blogged blog! What have I in store for you, sir and madam Fevered Reader? Why, a cornicopic plethora of bloggy treats, the likes of which you have never before seen!

And when I say "a cornicopic plethora of bloggy treats," what I actually mean is "I changed the layout a bit."

Hey, I think it's nice! And I certainly think it works better than ye olde blue blog, and Joe is a green fellow more than a blue one (the blog matches my eyes now!). I need more cool bloggy things.

I'm kind of wetting my pants at the minute, sitting in my dark little room with my shiney new laptop, listening to Spike and Raychul (and no complaints about my spelling of Raychul's name, that's how it is spealt), just capable of hearing the splashing of rain in the puddles outside and completely incapable of ignoring the lightning and thunder. The reason I'm so worried is that a friend of my mother had her computer completely fried the last time we had a thunderstorm. I'm not quite sure what happened, but it's taken her three weeks to get it running again (hell, I don't even know if it is running again yet!) and her hard drive was completely wiped. Admittedly, lightning did touch down right across the street from her, and the likelihood of that happening is very small, but I've just gotten nice and compfy on this damned machine; the desktop clean and uncluttered, the background sparkling and bright and the visual style crisp and stirring, and let us not forget that I've only just got all my programs installed again!

Wah, that paragraph was getting on a bit, becoming a little scary in its gargantuity. I know! Lets reroute this and I'll talk a little about Spike and Raychul. Actually, I'll talk about Raychul. I mean, yea, Spike is a great guy, incredibly entertaining, stark, honest and beautifully brutal and blunt, but surprisingly deep all the same! And he's a photographer too, so kudos to him. But Raychul... Jesus Christ, I think I've found my perfect woman (along with every other gamer on the net).

This (on the left) is Raychul. She's a model. Not a dirty model, just a model. Ok, so she's a skinny little blonde girl, and that's not usually my type (and still isn't to be honest), but she is attractive. As well as this she works at a computer game store, one of the big American chains, and games hardcore stylee in her spare time. Most of you would stop reading here, know nothing else and think, "crikey! I gots to get me some o' that!" but wait, there's more! Ocassionally (almost constantly) Spike and Raychul feature sex and relationship talks on their podcast, and, during one of these sex talks, Raychul admits that she doesn't ask much from her boyfriends and is easily pleased. The point I'm concerned with is that she says, during coitus, she prefers to be on top. In fact, she prefers it if the guy just lies there and lets her do all the work. Apparently it may not feel as though you're doing anything to satisfy her, but she assures you that you are.

I'm sorry to be so shallow, sex really isn't that big a thing for me (ok, so i'm a very sexually person, but I can play it down) but I think there is something awesome about that. As well as this, from what I can tell, she is a really lovely person too.

Oh Raychul, if only you were lonely!

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