Tuesday, August 29, 2006

generic update

Listening to: hellogoodbye - All Time Lows
Reading: Stephen King - Everything's Eventual (substory: Everything's Eventual)


I'm going to try and incorporate that kind of stuff into my blog entries. It might introduce some of you few readers to something new or spark some kind of mutual awesomeness between us.

I really wanted to blog here about Twitter, which is an awesome blog module update service (you can see my thingy on the left) which updates from text messages from your mobile phone. It works on the basis that "every moment of your life you have a certain feeling of status or that everything you see has some kind of caption" and that you should never miss the opportunity to tell people about these things. And I can't get this damned thing to work.

I don't know whether it's because I'm having to text transcontinentally or not, or I'm just doing something wrong. And it's damned expensive, so I won't be doing it too often anyway.

Also: hellogoodbye's new album is awesome. Eclectic, whiney, poppy and trippy it makes for a very rounded listen, and I love it.

Go "buy" it right now, whatever it takes!


Anonymous said...

hellogoodbye's album is sehr magnifique!
that twitter thing looks like a good idea, i used to just save a draft of what id done on my phone xD
sexypants b

Rogue said...

Eh, if it's a profound moment, you can usually remember it and save it in your noggin to write eet down later.. *shrugs*