Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Emily Returns

Let the fanfairs commence, let trumpets blair and tubas roar throughout the streets: Emily is back home. Sorry Dr., the other Emily. I'm sorry you didn't get one of these when you came back from holiday, but to be honest, this isn't really about Emily, I just couldn't think of a good title for this.

For a month now Emily has been "enjoying" all that Ecuador has to offer in terms of culture, sightseeing, expansive (biblical) mountain walks, blistering cold and chicken. We've already heard all (ok, a fair few) of the various horror stories of the treck that she went on with her school; the horror of going to build a playground for the underprivelleged Ecuadorian children to find that someone else had already built one for them, eating chicken and rice for nearly every meal, having to try and sleep in a sub-par sleeping bag above the cloudline, blistering heat throughout the day and so on and so on.

Admittedly, I will probably make fun of her forever more for going on this trip, having to earn a rediculous amount of money and then not quite enjoying it so very much when she got there, but I'm glad she's back and hope she never has to go away for so long ever, ever again.

On to other things. You'll notice I got my flicr widget all widgety, but I'm refraining from posting too much there, due to the file restrictions per month, and nothing much else has been happening.

I went to derby today to buy a Q.ball air blowing thing, as I was worried about my camera. There is crap all over the inside of the eyepiece and it distracts me so much I just had to do something. So I go in, buy it and all is well, I am satisfied. I wander around further, mostly clothes shops (as I went shopping with Gareth, Ben and Emily; Emily was apparently in desperate need of new attire so clothes shops were a must) and I bought myself a wonderful pair of brown corduroys which fit me like a dream and make me look as skinny as I've always longed to be. What happens? I show my sister what I look like in them and she calls me "emo". I don't resent this, I am emo. However, it was the link she made with "skinny jeans" that she made that really fucked me off. I have a pair of trousers that fit me and make me look slim and she thinks I'm a goddamned trend whore.


Also on returning home, I whip out the Q.ball and get to blowing. Everything's fine, APART FROM I SEE A BLOODY AWFUL BLACK BLOB ON ALL MY PICTURES.

I got very worried and thought I'd got something on the CCD, and y'know, a "charged couple device" has charge running through it, and thus attracts dust statically, so once it's on it's hard to get off. I get to blowing, but it turns out the CCD is as clear as a bell! I clean the front of the lens, the back, everywhere, take more pictures, can't see a thing! I tried a dust image too, to try and pinpoint it, but when I do that it disappears!

It turns out I have a dead pixel in the monitor itself.

Go figure.


Captain Rogue said...

I have news.


So hopefully tomorrow I will be getting Skype. Huzzah for shiny Tiger!

Hope you are good.
Miss Spenny

Eevee said...

DAMMIT! I saw that title and my heart leapt like a fish. Damn you Mr Beaver. Damn you...

That said, it's rather marvellous to have her home again isn't it?

But still. Damn you.

*bugged by the new companion and thinking of begging for Rose to return*

*wanting a digital camcorder*

*needing a plushie crab*