Saturday, June 03, 2006

Well, if it's a punchin' ye be a-wantin'-!

I feel like shit.

When I say shit I don't mean "oh lord, I appear to be failing to maintain my existence!" but more the general melais that leads you to believe that you have no reason to live, people deserve a good molestin' and is embodied by the angsty, well screamed phrase "THEREISNEVERANTYHINGFUCKINGONTV."

Actually, wait... anger... subsiding... fading... RISING!... fading... dinner... RISING!... no... lying.

It still warrants a rant on the fact that dinner was terrible though.

I am the only vegetarian in my family. I also like croissants. Tonight, my family thought it would be nice to have a barbeque with some tasty hunks of Vegetable-Matter-On-A-Stick™ for me, and various processed nibbles for all.

We get to chowin'-down and when my mum comes 'round with the vegetable kebabs (of which there are only two), I go for one and my sister goes for one.

My dinner is effectively halved.

Not 3 minutes later she announces that she does not like it and asks if anyone else wants any. I think my head might have actually slept from it's resting place on my hand, propelling my face into my bare plate.

Recovering, I managed to drown everything in French Dressing. And, y'know, I don't mean that figuratively. Literally, plate covered in the stuff. My parents asked if i'd like some help removing it, whereby they took my plate and poured some of it all over their salad.

After staring at a patch of air that occupied a space 2 feet from my mother's left ear with unfocussed eyes for the rest of the meal, it was established that something was wrong with me.

My sister proceeded to get pissy, for some reason, and failed, as usual, to string any two insulting words of any impact together.

You don't do that to Joe's. They hit back, and hit back hard.

Insults, they fly left and right, people die, explosions, goat herders everywhere!

And that story was so dull it hurt.


I might be posting some vital equations up on here, for my revisional needs, and anyone else who wants 'em!

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Victoria. said...

Awe, I understans!

I'm the only vegetarian in my familly either.

And every meal, of everyday, for 25426 years is such a pain in the tushy!