Friday, June 09, 2006

Rigmarole and laxity

Revision, eh? Can't live with it, quite certainly can live without it. Oh, the things I endure to get the grades I need. Well, you can see the things I endure to get the grades I need. Yes sirree, by golly.

There isn't too much happening, as usual. I'm starting to really get into IndieFeed's podcasts of late; having a long time (free) subscription and no real time to listen to the astounding back catalogue of extraordinary music that's built up. Actually, some of it's REALLY good!

Try the Rewinds, The Happy Bullets, and The Tah-Dahs for a start and then move on to whatever you like. I can heartily recommend some of the folk stuff actually. I mean, I'm not usually much of a folk fan, but the stuff at Indiefeed is SO good!

In other news: Grace makes shit-hot cookies. I mean, my goodness, they're just so scrummy, with all their cat-nipples. But, saying that, they weren't cat-nipple cookies, they were chocolate chip. I'm not very sure how they came into contact with cat-nipples, but it made them all the scrummier.

Also, please note: do not drink vodka and Fanta Fruit Twist™, it really fucks you up.


Fiona Tennant said...

JOE!!!! Hello! In true Fiona style, a day before the RE exam i pop along to that site Mr V's been banging on about to descover it is rather good. You're pure geneous Mr Bever. Do you have a post on Phyc/Soc? casue i could really do with some help on that :-S
Anywayss, See you tomorrow!!

Eevee said...

Fiona Tennant?? Who is this girl, and does she know my mother? (who calls Danid Tennant 'Davo' in some misguided thinking that she is the next companion)

Eevee said...

Danid Tennant? Of course I meant David. Silly me.