Thursday, May 25, 2006

The last maths party ever

I have decided that I will keep these things shorter and more anecdotal. If it works for  CB then it can work for me too.

Last maths lesson ever, and thus: last maths party ever. Cake, frivolity and utter nonsense. Our teacher bought cake; very nice cake, but very dry cake.

Khyle said, rather cuttingly, that our teacher should have brought cream as well.

"Yea, or ice-cream", she replied.

"Ice-cream you say?" asked Jason. "I could go and buy some from Tescos right now. What flavour do you want?"

"I was thinking just plain vanilla, that'd work. Alright, off you go."

"Y'know what? I think Jason needs some company, I'm going too."

"Ok, I'll see you guys soon, don't take too long."

And with that, we left the maths classroom.

I decided it might be a fun idea to be chauffered around by Jason while I was lying in the boot, which was surprisingly roomy, but not ever-so compfy. I do not regret it, that is for sure, however, pillows are a must in these situations.

We proceeded to drive to a girls house, rather than Tescos (well, we went to Tescos first, the Wall's Soft Scoop was sitting in Jason's car, melting a bit), in order for Jason to retrieve a guitar in order to compose and write the lyrics for a song for our maths teacher that Jason had completely failed to do several nights previous. We were invited in, whereupon I stood in her kitchen and marvelled at what a lovely house she lived in, while Jason begged her for some stringy acoustic goodness.

Victory achieved, we left, whereby I got in the front of the car and smiled and laughed as we shut the doors, sealing all the sound in, and told Jason he ought to "bed/woo that young lady what did give us that guitar".

"No, it's ok, I've got a girlfriend already and she just happens to be the female equivalent of you, so everything is fine."

And thus we returned to maths, where i proceeded to teach my teacher Irish Snap and she proceeded to lose very badly and squeak and squeal every time she lost. She also gave us little origami skeletal octahedrals which means that it would usually be a solid , 8-sided shape, but in this case none of the faces were filled in, hence the "skeletal" part. She tells us that they can also be called "nolid", for "not solid".

She likes maths a lot, bless her. I'm gonna miss that crazy lady.


Eevee said...

You make the funny that doth brighten my long and endless hours of...Maths revision...cursed I be...cursed...

Victoria. said...

Math is evil! I'm so bad at maths..

Umh, anyway, ach Irish Snap owns! =D