Saturday, May 06, 2006


Thought you guys might like this (whoever "you guys are"), this is Sigur Ros' video for the fun, funky, puddle jumping hit "Hopipolla".

I just thought it was endearing.



V. said...

Sigur Ros <3

Gebimble said...

I really wish I knew who you were... Although the anonymity of the internet is something incredibly sacred and should really never be abused in such a way!


Victoria. said...

Internet is evil :D

But you shouldn't be scare mister!

I can assure you I don't live anywhere near you or anything.

I'm just a big old fan of your blogs ^_^!

God. said...

Guess who saw it live?

The answer is me.

And the title means 'nosebleed' hence the ending.