Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Blogosphere

I guess you can say this blog might be just for V., my first ever blogite friendling (or, more realistically, the only person that I don't know who has taken the time to read and comment and this piece-o-shit monologue of mine).

We've had a brief recourse on anonymity and things like that, and receiving a new comment from V. this morning I dwelled on it a little longer, which got me to thinking about the eneffably magnificent Mr. Schopenhauer, and a dialogue of his on the nature of existence, immortality and individuality. It goes, in short, like this:

: What awaits you on death? Everything and nothing! Your immanent self will end and your transcendental self will live

Thrasymachos: But what of my individuality? It is dear to me, and I shall not let it go.

Philalethes: When you say you wish to retain your individuality you really imply that you wish to exist, and that is what all immanent creatures feel! In admitting you wish to retain your individuality and thus exist, you are subverting yourself by assigning yourself to a non-individual idea.

Thrasymachos: ... You are childish yourself and extremely ridiculous, and so are all philosophers; and when a sedate man like myself lets himself in for a quarter of an hour’s talk with such fools, it is merely for the sake of amusement and to while away the time. I have more important matters to look to now; so, adieu!


In other news:

Our May Ball ended in the wee hours of yesterday morning, and truly it was a blast. I won two awards (most respected and best dressed on the night; oh yes, who's sexy?), I got caught in the crossfire of the anciet debate of "which is better/more useful/more difficult: maths or physics?" and the same old adages came out: "well... physics is maths..." and so on and so on.

Aside from that, I saw my maths teacher take sambouca shots, he called me a "git" all night for "subverting the course of learning" and general chit-chat.

I met my female physics teachers boyfriend (who owns my shoes...) and saw her utterly hammered. I should have realised, she being a tiny little woman and not having much body mass and blood content as a result of that, it wouldn't take her much to get to that stage. I think I counted it as 2 glasses of wine before conversation flowed freely and general giggles abounded.

I also discovered most of the "jocks" of our year take cocaine! In the words of Phillip Fish: "all the cool kids are doing me!"

Half way through the awards ceremony, one of the most irksome, arrogant and seminally irritating of the bunch barged on stage, stole the microphone and proclaimed through his alcohol induced slurs and narcotic powered twitchings, "right, these awards are FUCKING WANK", at which point the DJ cut the mic and he had to be manhandled off stage.

There actually appear to be more tales of intrigue from that night but their finales were never acted out. I'll get the endings for you by monday if my cold abates.


PS: V., I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a link to your blog! (plz)

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Victoria. said...

Oh yayness, it's just for me ^_^.

Woop, way the gooo on your awards Joe!

If I had a blog, I would certainly give you a link, but alas, I don't! Besides, it would be total a boring crap compared to yours!