Friday, May 26, 2006

Last day evar.

As you might have guessed, today was my last day evar at school, which, in honesty, is a day of mixed emotions. I mean, yea I do feel sad; I might never see some of my closest friends again! But then, if they are so close, surely I will see them just about all the time. Anyone who is not a friend is obviously not worth knowing or they are a blatently obvious pile of onanistic rubbish.

I also got a few letters. Well, more of "a couple". That is to say, "literally two".

They were both very moving, and, in one particular case, extremely saddening. I am uncertain what to do about the latter, and am very unsure as to whether I should post anything concerning it.

As well as this, I went for a pub lunch with the whole of my physics class: all 3 of my teachers and all 5 of us students. I was given a book entitled "The Bluffers Guide to Philosophy", which, to say the least, is very amusing. I'm about five pages in and already have laughed out loud a few times, something incredibly rare in any book I read. My favourite part so far was a critique of Aristotle's capabilities as a biologist, for he thought:

"Snakes have no penis because they have no legs. They have no testicles because they are too long."

One of the greatest philosophers of all time was that man... Sigh.

Not to mention, I saw the new X-Men movie today, avec my compadres. It's a good movie in itself but don't go expecting it to stick to the story of the comics/TV series. Goodness me, Jean Grey is so very sexy at times T_T

In other news: got my RS coursework back (just a copy of what was sent away, and you can find it here if you fancy a brief delve into the world of philosophy as a language.

For those who comment (V., Eevee and Grace), thanks for your time, and sorry for not answering, but I just feel kind of weird commenting on my own blog, sorry! I may do in future though, if you really want to check back on what you've written.

That's enough. STOPNOW. Peace out.


Victoria. said...

I've read your coursewooork, it's so gooohd ^_^.

Darn, lucky you, I still have almost whole month of school left.. Exams too x_O!

Ach, I may leave country by jumping trains.


Gebimble said...

Haha xD

I've still got exams, no doubt about that, but FREEDOM! SWEET, GLORIOUS FREEDOM! Freedom from having to wake up, freedom from doing my hair, freedom from homework!

Study leave FTW!

Victoria said...

Oh how I wish i could taste frreedom as soon as possible ;D
But it seems it won't happen soon, due to the fact that my life is slowly ending!
Now I'm a crying, sobbing mess.
I might even create my own blog here ;D..Should I?

Gebimble said...

What? You're dying?! What madness be this!?

And you should definitely get a blog, it is no hassle, and good fun to boot!

*is worried a bit*

Eevee said...

I also rarely laugh when reading books. People may claim it's because I have no sense of humour...and I poke them. But I must admit to weakening when reading Bridget Jones (I know, I know, it's disgraceful, but blurry funny in parts), and the delightful Jeremy Clarkson. Oh he makes me laugh.

Last day, eh...old bugger...^-~ First days of the rest of your life Mr Beaver!