Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Romantic Misadventures of Joe Beaver


Lately, my "love life", for want of a better phrase, has taken quite an interesting turn!

For valentines day, as it is a day entirely saturated with romance and ardour, I decided to tell a girl in the year below exactly how I felt about her, to the tune of "my goodness you make me salivate in awe!" but far nicer, of course.

I had perhaps realised that this particularly beatific slice of heaven didn't check her e-mails ever-so often, so I sent it well in advance, back in January in fact, and she only received it yesterday.

There is part of me which is absolutely mortified that anyone can be away from a computer for such a long time, but at the same time I am genuinely impressed for exactly the same reasons.

Anyway, it had quite the effect! All of her friends now find me a little adorable at least and I have yet to speak to the vixen in question. And herein lies my dilemma: I have never spoken to this girl before. I sent the e-mail just because I found her attractive and thought she seemed to be a nice person. And now I have no idea what to do. From what I can tell she's quite shy, so any hope of her approaching me is very, very slim.

If anyone has any idea how to help me, then please, for the love of God, comment!


I also found this, and thought it was just pretty awesome: If you're not already a member of and you like your fiction short, punchy and in an audio rather than text based format, be sure to give these guys a look.


Peace out.

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Laurengensaft said...

Jo-ho-ho-ho-hoseph. Who is this vixen you're talking about eh?? Has she replied at all to your email? xx
P.S. Hurry back from your dinner! Lol.