Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nothing Happened Today

But, never-the-less, I am endeavouring to make a post about it! I don't want that hulking goddamned sticker from another site plastered all over the top of my blog, despite the fact that I'm whoring my side-bar to anyone who offers me free things. I'm sure you call something like that "metaphysical prostitution" or some other such crap.

Speaking of metaphysics, I was reading's latest comic today and it forced me to consider the ideas of intellectual terrorism. The idea truly agrovates me, that someone could look at a piece of what would otherwise be considered valid commentary, or even art and just say "THAT IS TERRORISM IN DRIED PULP FORMAT", or something similar.

I suppose I'm actually saying this in cogitation on my poorly marked RS coursework. I found it the other day and had a quick read through it. I realised that I had done something horrible, something truly formidable in its ability to produce nausea when looked upon reflectively, while thinking that this may have cost me my A-level.

I insulted the examiner.

I think, as far as I can tell, I managed to call them an illiterate idiot while at the same time reassuring them that they'd thank me for it. I cannot even begin to comprehend what lengths of arrogance moved me to this... Despite this, I've felt the need to recreate this opening paragraph for you all right here. I am so very sorry:


""It is pointless claiming that scripture is divinely inspired if people cannot agree about how scripture should be interpreted". Discuss.

The title you see veiling this essay is equally as illusory as the content, for you will find very little about scripture pers se, but you will undoubtedly find a lot of words, some may require the use of a dictionary (as I have used many vague and uncommon syllables, merely for the sake of taxing you), and some interesting ideas about a few things which are not words at all. this is a little aberrant for an essay, I know, but you may (and it maybe nice if you do son in written format) thank me for it later, when you're entertaining guests or wooing ladies (or men) down at the bar."

... What in the name of all that is pwnable have I done?

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