Saturday, March 24, 2007

The State of the Solipsist Address

Hi there fellas, long time no blog. I can't really say I've not blogged because there's been nothing going on, because there has; I can't say it's because I've been busy, because I'm not; I can say it's because of the bucket-loads of work, but that would be lying to myself because I'd say I cope pretty well. The real reason is because I'm just so godawfully lazy. Rather than blogging my sordid little heart out every night I've been sitting in my room and watching either Death Note, Bleach or, I dare say my favourite of this particular trio, Scrubs, and having a jolly good time doing so.

In the hours between their watchings, however, there has been a plethora of stuff. I managed to finally write an essay worth of something higher than a low third in terms of their mark (and the guy who marked it said he desperately wanted to give me something higher too, and that I write like he used to when he started out; now he is about 26 and a DOCTOR. He has a PhD!), I wrote a perfect maple command prompt assessment (although not with out help, thank you Anthony!) and generally fraternised with the riff-raff of York.

As well as this, with the weather on the turn, I've been raring to get out there and do something a little more active. This is seeming less and less likely at the moment, considering that I am perfectly comfortable in my own home and don't feel the need to run from it in order to remove said sad little hovel as far from my mind as possible, and, as a result, do not end up walking for several miles every day. As well as that, my bike is still in York, so no bike rides. To add to this all of my friends are still at university, I appear to have broken up prematurely. So there is no one to play with, and I don't have a frisbee at the moment anyway. The stupid year 12s threw it on the roof during a game last year. Twats. However, I will hopefully be buying a new one of those sometime in the immediate future. In fact I already have the model picked out, and it's quite darling

Another sad thing about returning home is that I once again have to return to the joy that is my overly affectionate cat. Anything I wear is instantly covered in hair as a result, as I feel too evil shooing her away from me. It also turns out that today she rolled around in what appears to be nettles, the needles of which remained in her fur and were then transfered on to, you guessed it, yours truly. My hands are now a mass of unpleasant nettle-enduced, itchy lumps. To top it all off I appear to be allergic to her now. She makes me sneeze. She also sleeps in my bed all day, every day. The combination of these two pieces of information can probably tell you a lot.

To top things off I'm feeling old these days. Well, not old as such, more jaded. I was watching a series of late night concerty things put on by channel 4 earlier this evening and was having a jolly good time. All of a sudden I saw one of my heroes: Conor Oberst, frontman of Bright Eyes, spinner of silken verse and idol of millions. He played something off his new album and it was marvellous, truly beautiful. However, I came to the sad conclusion that he was popular now and had been for a while, and no longer felt special about loving him so dearly. This mixed with the fact that Patrick Wolf sang an astounding duet with Charlotte Church on prime time television has bestowed me with an undeniable sense of melaise, or ennui, or some other buggerific French word.

For some reason I took it upon myself to then look at pictures of Conor on google. I then realised I needed a haircut and that I've always loved his hair, so I searched for hair pictures. For some reason this led me to an article about how the greatest pseudo-masculine passtime of gay people these days is, rather than being a muscle-bound gym enthusiast, is to be an immaciated hipster. This may very well be why so many people think that I'm gay these days, and this is why I am still single. Damn you gay people, damn you all for having the good sense to be attractive in a modern way.

However, this led me to a link to find out which version of Mr. Oberst I happened to be. I followed it, in the interests of science, and this is what fell out:

which conor oberst are you?

you're the conor that is bright eyes. you keep pulling out brillant beautiful songs from your head and they just get better. you rock the house down on stage and are a sweet shy kid off of it. you're the best conor to date.
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And now I'm sitting here writing this. Well, not for much longer. I'm sorry the language was not everso flowing, far from poetic, and, to say the least, a bit drab. It'll get better soon, I promise, but to be fair it's just past 1 in the morning.

Goodnight, sweet world. You'll get some more of me in the morning.

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Eevee said...

I hope you realise what you've done to me. You gave me 7 eps of Death Note, right? I thought 'ooh, that'll last me a while, I can watch them throughout the holiday'. Oh no. I sat there with my mouth wide open, watching them all in one sitting, because I couldn't bear to stop. I almost got violent when I realised I'd reached the end of the last one.

You know I have obsession problems...I feel like you did this on purpose...