Monday, March 05, 2007

On The Healthy Lifestyle

Ok, as a student, I may not have the healthiest lifestyle in the world, but at least I'm making concessions. I try to eat healthy, I try to excercise, I try to stay away from the excessively sweet carress of my good friend Señor Alcohol and I try to get a good nights sleep.

However, the result is far from what I considered I wanted when I took up this lifestyle. The hope that I would come out looking like this:

has given way to the hope of coming out looking like this:

Never in my entire life have I felt as awful as I do now. The healthy diet means I am usually always hungry; the excercise has left me, like an old man caught under the ceaseless wheels of a steam roller, crippled, aching and quite possibly dead; the good nights sleep has turned into a restless night due to hunger; and I cry when I think about what I've done to Señor Alcohol, the poor, poor bastard.

All this just so I can look good without clothes on? 'Totally not worth it' what I'd be saying if I wasn't a narcisist.


Eevee said...

You know the caress of that man will do you no good. He is a bad, wicked thing, and no friend to you at all. I'm sure you can find your caresses elswhere.

And if I was a MySpace-Bebo-omigoshaddmeaddmeaddme-whore I'd be giving you a cheeky smiley wink right about now.

Your fellow DeathNote Lover ^^; said...

oh joe joe joe, you are teh sex already *hugglesquish* ..we all would ;) xxxx

Rogue said...

Oh Joe. You so crazy.
x x x