Sunday, January 14, 2007

On the Whittard's Winter Sale

Whittard's, like every other over-priced, product-whoring consumerist outlet this year (as well as for countless years before), is having a sale. This is not to be unexpected, if you hadn't already guessed, largely due to the fact that they no doubt have one every year, as does just about everywhere else (apart from the good people at Apple and GHD. Bastards). And, despite the rather negative emphasis used above, I quite like Whittard's. For one, they are purveyers of exquisite cups, saucers, and mugs. For another, they also happen to stock a lot of hot chocolate, and in particular, this God among gods:

I don't know if you can see too well, but, if you look carefully, just under "HOT CHOCOLATE" you can find the word "WHITE". Yes, powdered white hot chocolate. But this, dear reader, is besides the point.

You see, in the past Whittard's has lured me in with fine, subtle, and elegant arromas. This first lead me to my dear friend Whitey. However, this time I was coaxed in not only by the promise of what could be more hot chocolate, but the word "sale!" jumping out at me from all over the inside of their front window. Suitably enchanted, I walked in.

Reasonably lighter of pocket I walked out about 10 minutes later, after having sniffed, poked and admired all that was to sniff, poke and admire. However, the weight in my pocket was recompensed by the fact that there was a much more substantial weight in my hand. I had, in fact, bought the following:

A beautifully striped teapot, cup and saucer for one, reduced from £20 to a mere £5 (and I am a sucker for what I'd like to consider a "bargain");
a bag of Whittard's fruit infusion "Cinnamon and Orange Rooibos" (which is African red tea with added cinnamon and orange zest); and, a free tea strainer, which was very nice of the people at Whittard's, even if it was the display model.

All this cost me £8.20.

£8.20 for a teapot, a cup, a saucer, some tea (foreign muck at that) and a strainer. I think I did pretty damn well for myself-

Apart from I don't like tea.


Eevee said...

Y'know, you shouldn't be allowed in shops. You also should have learned your lesson from buying a Cushtie.

But clearly I am the sanest one here. Isn't that a scary thought?

New guitar soon. Can I get some w00tage? Because I think I ought to get some w00tage...

Emi xxxxx

Gebimble said...

Nice one Emi! I'll hopefully be grabbing myself a bass sometime soon too, so we can rock out, and jam, and jam-out with rocks.

Liek t0t4lly sw33t!!11!1!!1(cos(0))!1!(sin(pi))!!!

Chloeee.. said...

White Hot Chocolate? In more than little sachetts (one T? two?) from Options?! I'm so getting me some of this yummyness.