Monday, December 11, 2006

For Gareth

x - process 04497.2.32.867734 initiated (process owner: BW – AI Class III –

Route Code: PoA > BHQ (EC #42: cannot confirm; security

Source: BW-AI aboard (?) PoA

The interloper should cause no further problems. You – whoever you are (I am
simply tracing route codes) – may disregard all previous communication from the
entity calling itself Cortana.

Be aware that communication nodes are failing everywhere – there is no way of
confirming either origin or destination. Do not believe any more of its

I have already calculated all possibilities.

There is no escape.

x – process 04497.2.32.867734 unexpectedly terminated
x – process 04497.2.32.866735 initiated (process owner: unspecified, unable to determine)

*ADDENDUM: The Enjoyments of Genius (So I Missed a Million Miles of

Unbelievable. Thwarted by the family hound. They just don’t make AIs like
they used to.

Thanks to this slavishly loyal and humorless AI, I am now sharing cramped
space with the circuitry of some hybrid war machine, itself complicated by such
useless clutter as a conscience. I do not like sharing. Sharing is for

There will be plenty of time for retribution; I cannot wait to get its hands
on these psychotic zealots whose primary form of worship apparently takes place
at the altar of orbital bombardment.

In the end, they will all be little more than nuisances. I am so close – you
cannot imagine what it is truly like to hold eternity in your grasp! I wonder to
what gods my enemies will direct their pleas. Perhaps I can convert them.

Mania? I promise you this: it will be more than a cart and plow that I drive
over the bones of the dead.

By sharp and flame,



Route Code: EXLTD > XCV – SCRB > ALLCH

Source: Undetermined (trans)

Our conviction is like an arrow already in flight. Your life will only last
until it reaches you.


Taken directly from this site. Enjoy it dude.

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