Friday, April 07, 2006

A blog? O RLY? (YA, RLY).

- Today is a good day I think for PARTYING DOWN.
- I disagree!


I agree with his disagreement! Today is not a good day for PARTYING DOWN. Now wai.

In the past couple of hours I have have pretty groovy notes on the whole of the Unit 1 Philosophy or Religion, for my RS course. That was only really 3 topics, but the whole of it is sprawled over 4 sides of A3 paper. I find this daunting, especially as I only have 4 pieces of paper! This means the entirety of the rest of my revision activities have to be crushed onto the remaining four sides.


Today really is a good day for PARTYING DOWN, because it is holiday time now!

I have atleast 20 million birthdays to go to, some dancing to do, too much work and a trip to Bristol for kinky sex and absurd drunkeness.


In other news: I had a dream where my life was a guro hentai comic; a little black, a little white and all horrifying.

I am so screwed up.

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