Thursday, July 26, 2007


Gasp! Foul edifice, what hast befell me in such harrowing times? Forsooth, hence! I am possessed by ill humours, defiled and corrupt! Nay, not possessed by ill humour, rather possessive of a cold!

Why is it that I only feel like blogging when I am utterly run down? Do other people blog like this? Are there really people out there who think that blogging is something to be done when there are other things that could be done? If you aren't possessed by ill health or dire fatigue then seriously, get away from this machine and enjoy yourself. Come back to this machine when you're done and tell us about it.

That's another point: blogging without experience to relay and without insight to bestow is a sin.

Come on guitar, it's time to go to bed.

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~ Chloe ~ said...

Joeeeee, get your sweet ass back onto blogspot and get blogging! *squish* xx